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The animated movie Nimona surprises — big time.


When Ballister, a knight in a futuristic city, is framed for the murder of their queen, he has no choice but to flee. Soon, he meets the chaos-loving teenager Nimona - who turns out to be the very creature he has sworn to protect the city from, with the ability to shapeshift into any form.

The knights protect the city from evil creatures - and when Ballister ends up on the wrong side of the law, he needs to escape.

Together, they try to uncover who framed Ballister, and why. Pretty soon, it becomes clear that things aren't quite as the city leaders claim...

For the whole family

This movie has truly delightful humor, and it turned out to be a hit with our entire family - all my kids loved it. I'd never heard such loud laughter in unison at home before, all four of them were laughing and giggling over and over again.

Nimona's ability to take on different forms keeps this movie surprising every time.

The thing is, the humor didn't feel "cheap" either - the movie is genuinely funny, and in a way that suits both the style and the story. Additionally, some jokes are more aimed at adults throughout the movie - something that is always appreciated when watching movies with children.


The voice of Ballister by Riz Ahmed (and he resembles him quite a bit!) and Nimona by Chloë Grace Moretz. Both fit their roles perfectly and have great chemistry.

Nimona as a gigantic, pink rhinoceros.

Since the movie has a lot of humor, the actors need to have good timing and convincing voices, and they get top marks from me. Well done.


This is the best animated movie I've seen in years, and I watch quite a few movies with my kids. It has beautiful animations, great music, an appealing story, and good humor.

The movie has a unique style with knights protecting a futuristic city.

This movie has that Disney magic that Disney themselves haven't entirely managed to create in their recent movies. Watch it today!

The good

  •   Strong storytelling

The Bad

  •   A little scary towards the end


Nimona gets the score 8 out of 10.


A strong adventure that truly captures the "Disney magic" - something that Disney themselves haven't achieved in recent years. This is the best animated movie I've seen in years.

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