Review: Past Lives

Past Lives has gained a lot of attention at festivals around the world — and rightfully so.


When Nora (Lee) emigrates from South Korea to the USA, she loses contact with her best friend. After many years, they finally reconnect and slowly but surely learn more about each other.

Hae Sung, Nora, and her husband Arthur.

More time passes and a lot has happened in their lives — for example, Nora has married the American Arthur (Magaro) — when they finally decide to meet in New York. Can their longing for each other lead to something?


The leading roles of Nora and Hae Sung are played by Greta Lee and Teo Yoo, with Lee especially standing out as a fantastic actress. She is so convincing and emotional that she makes the whole movie interesting on her own.

The married couple Nora and Arthur are played by Greta Lee and John Magaro.

Her husband Arthur is played by John Magaro, who also stands out — he is so good in the role of the man who doesn't quite understand the situation, but senses that something is going on. Well done.


Past Lives is exactly the kind of movie that I often get hooked on, with a small focus on just a few people, beautiful cinematography, and great actors. My wife often calls them "movies where nothing happens," which misses the point. A lot happens — just no superheroes fighting, that's true.

Greta Lee is really good in the lead role as Nora.

Although I think the movie was really good, it feels like there should have been more substance here. The plot is quite simple, and the movie unfolds pretty much as one would expect. The ending is really good and elevates the overall experience, but I wish there were more emotional and deeper scenes.

Regardless, it is a really good drama film that you must watch if you love movies.


Past Lives gets the score 7 out of 10.


Past Lives is a simple yet powerful drama about leaving one's homeland and the special bond that friends from the past can hold. It is beautifully filmed and features excellent performances, but something is missing to reach top marks.

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